Construction of an office building, France

Treatment ahead of construction

As part of the construction of an office building with five underground levels, REMEA won the contract to treat the groundwater that needed to be pumped away. The untreated water contained 6.9mg/l of suspended solids, traces of metallic elements (chrome and zinc) at levels of 0.0135mg/l, and halogenated volatile organic compounds at 0.045mg/l. 

The rate of pump flow was between 50m3/hour and 100m3/hour.

Based on this data, a tailored remote-controlled treatment system was installed. The set-up involved treatment in stages:

  • 1st stage: Reduction of suspended solids (that can include metals) and possible floating hydrocarbons
  • 2nd stage: Reduction of residual suspended solids and metallic trace elements by filtering
  • 3rd stage: Capturing organic compounds using active carbon

The whole process was remote-controlled thanks to level, pressure, and flow sensors.

Analytical monitoring and maintenance (pressure, volume processed, back-washing, etc.) was carried out twice a month by an REMEA technician.

The unit treated a total of 38,685m3 of water.