Plume treatment with Permeable Reactive Barrier, France

Remediation of contaminated groundwater

In 2014, Sol Environment was awarded the installation of a permeable reactive barrier on an automotive equipment factory. Elevated levels of hexavalent chromium and chlorinated solvents (PCE, TCE) have been identified in the groundwater. It was recommended to install a permeable reactive barrier to treat the water with the Zero Valente Iron.

The ground presented backfill material, sandy clay up to 4 m and marl from 4 to 15 m depth. The contaminants’ concentrations identified in the water reached 240 mg/l for chrome, 1.4 mg/l for PCE and 1.5 mg/l for TCE.

The approach consisted in creating a funnel directing the water flow to the gate, installing the permeable reactive barrier and leading to plume and water interception by the permeable reactive barrier. This system was implemented thanks to 220 lm of trenchmix wall and the installation of 3 gates each designed to collect the upstream water. Each gate was equipped with an upstream draining massif collecting water, a filter-gate and finally a downstream draining massif to re-inject water.